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grappoli uva
mani terra

Gostolai started making wines in 1988 with the goal to valorize the best grapes that grow in Oliena's territory.

The name Gostolai came from the locality where the family vineyards are located. Those vines gave us the starting grapes for the obtaining of the firsts vintages of our wines.

We see the wine as a product bond to tradition, story, territory and culture.

Gostolai wines are born to valorize the singular cartacteristics of the grapes, given not only by the vines, but by terroir, obtaining that way a wine who's not only good for the final consumer, but is also unique by being infused with all the surrounding enviromental flavours and tastes.


Our strong convinction is that the wine shouldn't just be a good commercial product born by technology, with the goal to satisfie a hedonistic need,  but a product where technology is used not to create the wine, but to enhance the natural characteristics and the tipicity of the fruit of origin.

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