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ruins of the Franciscan fathers

In Oliena, long been known as land of olive trees, vineyards and honey, as Gabriele D'annunzio says, the friars minor of Saint Francis of Paola, who since 1525 build the homonymous church (still well preseved) gave a great impulse to viticulture, which was already developed.


The Prior of Oliena, asked in a letter, for autorization and founding to the chief ot the Minim Friars of Sardinia in Cagliari, to "implant a great vineyard with annexed wine making establishment", it is said that "in Oliena there are many families who in their houses have up to ten giorre (1) filled with good red wine", this as a justification for the vine planting and the building of the winery, and also to highlight the peculiar predisposition of the territory to winemaking.

We can still find the Ruins of that establishment, in the Irilai area, in the outskirt of the town, near the road that leads to Su Gologone.

After that in 1665 the Jesuits toke over the Franciscans giving even more impulse to the viticulture in Oliena. 

(1)  Terracotta Giare with a capcity of 200 liters.

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