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"A medas Annos"

Cagliari Moscato Passito

DOC 2021

16.0% Vol 0.375 l.

Moscato DOC "A Medas Annos" Passito

  • A Medas Annos

    Moscato di Cagliari DOC 2021

    Sweet White Moscato

    Color: Fresh golden yellow of fair brightness.

    Nose: Wide, with lot of suggestions and immediate recalls of the breeding grapes, honey notes and

    candy citrus fruits.

    Taste: Sweet but not dull impact with the mouth, connected with nose feelings, the fair acidity balances rightly the sugars and foresee a good longevity.

    Best served with: Fruit pastries, based on almond and oranges, desserts and grassy cheeses.

    Grape Blend: Moscato.

    Wine Making: The low temperature fermentation is stopped when the wine still have 80 g/lt of sugars, this helps the wine to keep all the aromas of the moscato grapes.

    Espalier Vineyards: With a yield of 50 q/ha.

    Alcohol Content: 16% Vol x 0.375 lt.

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